Twitter and Sandy Hook

I’ve only been watching Twitter for about 6 or 7 months since I started using it when I walk. I love the way it can capture a moment from many different directions all at the same time (if that makes sense) It has made me laugh and cry and I have found people to believe in and people to despair of. 

Nothing could have prepared me for the scream of agony that came forth last night after the Sandy hook Massacre. I described it as like watching a wounded animal scream as it chews its own paw off. 

To make it more poignant for me I had just been laughing at a series of tweets on an experience I am more than familiar with;

Lilith Saintcrow is a Fantasy Author who just got a new puppy – she made me howl with laughter at this series of tweets this afternoon (Warning this is more than a bit gross! It also an emotion all Pet owners have experienced at some time!)

Bulldog puppy just trotted into my office with fish-oil capsule in his mouth. This is NOT going to end well. 

Lemon-scented fish-oil dog vomit. GOOD MORNING. 

It wouldn’t be so bad if both dogs didn’t find it so utterly fascinating no matter how many times it’s thrown up. 

Bulldog puppy is in awe of his magical new food-making ability. Australian Shepherd wants to learn how he does it. 

Me? I’m just looking at my carpet and crying a little on the inside. 

Bulldog puppy just stumbled to his crate, flopped down, and started snoring. Did he just blackout from fish oil? 

I am now narrating a Fish Oil Addicts Anonymous meeting and laughing hysterically. 


Maybe later I’ll post pics of the geysers of vomit. How bad is it that I documented this? 

Yeah, it’s just not worth looking at. Noseplugs are a godsend. 

Odd is now sleeping comfortably in his crate. Miss B is watching him expectantly. 

She’s going to keep watching him in the hopes that he’ll make more food for a long while to come.

Then Suddenly the Screaming began

Richard Dawkins ?@RichardDawkins
Every country has its psychopaths. In US they have guns. Thank you NRA. Thank you cowardly politicians of both parties who give in to NRA.

Steve Silberman
“Not the day to talk about the politics of it,” Susan Page MSNBC. Sorry, but with so many overlapping shootings, hard to find the right day.

Chris Robichaud
If someone asks “Wasn’t that mass shooting this year that killed all those kids terrible” & you have to ask which one, we have a problem.

Arthur Gies
Give me some kind of threshold for how many people need to be killed by guns in a year before we can talk about it. That would be helpful.

Joe Hill ?@joe_hill
Connecticut lost 27 people today to the gun, most of them children. By comparison, 30 Connecticut natives died during the whole Iraq war.

Richard Dawkins ?@RichardDawkins
“Guns don’t kill people, crazy people kill people.” Can you believe anyone could be so STUPID as to trot that out, yet again?

Richard Dawkins ?@RichardDawkins
“Guns aren’t the problem, sin is. Repent of yours & trust Christ.” Oh BRILLIANT. These people have the vote.

Lilith Saintcrow ?@lilithsaintcrow
What universe do you live in where dead children makes you think of protecting your privilege of buying an assault rifle?

Lilith Saintcrow ?@lilithsaintcrow
If you’re saying people should be constantly armed, even in elementary schools and hospitals…WTF is WRONG with you?

Lyndsay ?@GeekyLyndsay
Approaching and interviewing children who have just experienced extreme trauma on national news should get you fired.

Mike Drucker ?@MikeDrucker
Pro-Life people should protest gun shops.

Lilith Saintcrow ?@lilithsaintcrow
If you are shocked and horrified about the talk of gun control rather than the murder of innocents, WHAT IS FUCKING WRONG WITH YOU?

Lilith Saintcrow ?@lilithsaintcrow
Will the next children to die be mine? Yours? How about the next ones traumatized by cameras shoved in their faces after tragedy?

Josh Loomis ?@bluinkalchemist
Think I need to step away from this for now. Must avoid further political discussion & outrage at same. Gotta fix issues; can’t fix stupid.

Robin LeBlanc ?@oldhat
It would be pretty nice if mental health services were as easily accessible as say, guns.

Michael Shermer ?@michaelshermer
I’m a libertarian who believes in freedom, but even I have had it with guns. Too many nutters & psychopaths. The time for gun control is now

Simon Pegg ?@simonpegg
How many more children have to die? This insanity beggars belief. It happens again and again and nothing is done. Utterly senseless loss.

daveanthony ?@daveanthony
So, some of you are actually saying more guns? So, if we have armed elementary schools. we’ve won? That’s when it’s all good?

Nathaniel Matychuk ?@NSMatychuk
@daveanthony I honestly believe you mean the best, I don’t doubt your good faith. But that kindergarten teacher should have had a gun.

Joshua DeRosa ?@bonafidechicken
One guy tries to use a shoe bomb = Everyone at the airport takes their shoes off. 31 school shootings since Columbine = no changes.

Joe Hill ?@joe_hill
True: people kill with knives, cars, planes & guns. One of these, however, has no purpose besides killing. Spare me the false equivalence.

Richard Dawkins ?@RichardDawkins
If the 2nd Amendment really does guarantee the right to bear arms (which I doubt) then it is a bloody stupid amendment.

Bill Neely ?@billneelyitv
I covered the last big US mass shooting in Denver.What’s charged since then gun lovers?Nothing.A national tragedy (& shame)

Bill Hicks ?@Bill_Hicks_RIP
MT @MMFlint: Just 18 hrs ago Republicans in the Michigan House passed a bill making it LEGAL to carry a gun into a school or day care center

Mark Sumner ?@Devilstower
American gun owners are under siege

@Jaythebarbarian: Oh, and punch yourself in the genitals if you make today about your politics.

Mike Monteiro ?@Mike_FTW
18 children outweigh your fucking stupid 2nd amendment. Tired of this shit.

Joshua Topolsky ?@joshuatopolsky
Guns are death machines and if you think there should be more of them in the world, your brain is broken.

Nicky Campbell ?@NickyAACampbell
Wandered into a gun shop in Alberquerque last weekend after filming and before flight home. Never seen the like. We were truly shocked.

Chuck Wendig ?@ChuckWendig
As a gun owner, let me say: it’s time to demand harder, meaner restrictions for firearms. On par with cars. Or meds. Or ANYTHING ELSE.

Lilith Saintcrow ?@lilithsaintcrow
Stepping away. I just can’t handle this. Am going to hug my kids and my dogs and tell everyone I care for how much I love them.

@AnnCoulter: I’M ON HANNITY RADIO RIGHT NOW! more guns, less mass shootings

rob delaney ?@robdelaney
The @NRA is on Twitter & they read their replies if you have questions for them about their lobbying, etc.

Jeri Ryan ‏@JeriLRyan
Last rant of the night, I promise. I’m all for the 2nd amendment, but what part of “well-regulated militia” do you not understand…?

John Scalzi ‏@scalzi
I think it’s wonderful Americans band together during a tragedy. I would like it if we didn’t get so much practice at it.

ilaria urbinati ‏@ilariaurbinati
Columbine, VirginiaTech AND Aurora shooters were ALL on heavy doses of meds. Guns are a problem but this country is also WAY over medicated.

davidfrum ‏@davidfrum
I won’t accept lectures about shooting “sensitivity” from those who enable the shootings in the first place

Michael Moore ‏@MMFlint
This morning a crazy man attacked 22 children at an elementary school- in China. But all the crazy man had was a knife. Number of dead? Zero

Michael Moore ‏@MMFlint
Here they are – all SIXTY-ONE mass shootings in the United States since Columbine. How many more, my fellow Americans?:

Adam Kay ‏@amateuradam
Guns don’t kill people, cunts kill people. But it’s much harder for the cunts to kill people if you ban the fucking guns. 

Edoardo Ponti ‏@EdoardoPonti
How many times do we have to wake up to such horrible mass killing news before we take a meaningful stand on gun control?

@Fake_Rockstar: The news outlets are posting a pic of an innocent guy from FB as the shooter. Stay classy, end of the world.”

rob delaney ‏@robdelaney
If your response to calls for gun control is “Should we get rid of cars too?” the answer is, for you, yes. You should not have a gun or car.

Tracy Little ‏@Tracy_Little
Last year Handguns Killed: 48 People in Japan, 8 Great Britain, 34 Switzerland, 52 Canada, 58 Israel, 21 Sweden, 10,728 in The United States

Mike Byhoff ‏@mbyhoff
31 U.S. school shootings since Columbine. School shootings in every other country in the world combined since that time: 14.