Israel propaganda casts itself as the last bastion against a Moslem takeover – offensive new ad’s


It’s being called a new low in Israel’s propaganda war over the ongoing assault on Gaza. In support of the conflict, the Israeli embassy in Dublin took to social media over the weekend via its @IsraelInIreland account to post a series of images that drafted Europe’s iconic works of art into an effort to portray Israel as the last line of defense against a Muslim takeover of Europe.

In one, Leonardo’s Mona Lisa appears in a hijab brandishing a rocket, stamped with the words, “Israel Now, Paris Next.” In another, Michelangelo’s David sports a belt of explosives and Arab headscarf. Copenhagen’s iconic Little Mermaid is cast as a rifle-wielding militant.

As for Ireland itself, the point of origin of the instantly infamous tweets, the Molly Malone sculpture of a young woman pushing a cart, a symbol of civic pride in Dublin, is covered beneath a full-body black scarf. All the images bear the caption “Israel Is the Last Frontier of the Free World.”

Outcry began almost immediately on social media after the posting of the images, and the Embassy removed the offensive meme over the weekend and issued an apology. “There was no intention to cause insult or offense to anyone,” the Israeli ambassador Boaz Modai’s office told Newsweek.

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