“Hands Up, Don’t Shoot:” Peaceful Protests Across America Last Night

As soon as Missouri police changed tactics, it seems, the atmosphere in Ferguson did too. By AJ Vicens Fri Aug. 15, 2014 6:00 AM EDT

Capt. Ronald Johnson of the Missouri Highway Patrol hugs Angela Whitman, of Berkeley, Mo., on West Florissant Avenue.

After four nights of heavy-handed police response, a missing-in-action governorand the general appearance of a war zone, things were much calmer in Ferguson, MO, Thursday night. Missouri Highway Patrol Capt. Ronald Johnson was put in charge, and he pledged to strike a more respectful tone with protesters. It showed in the images that poured out of the small town north of St. Louis and other rallies around the country, many using the #NMOS14 hash tag to honor victims of police brutality.

A more thoughtful analytical tone to the media as well (mostly):

 Pay no attention to the dead teenager – Police Chief Tom Jackson addresses Michael Brown – and attempts to shift blame in his shooting

Ferguson Police Chief Admits Mike Brown Shooting Not Related To Robbery

Friend Who Witnessed Michael Brown Shooting Speaks – Dorian Johnson recounted, in an exclusive interview, how an officer choked his friend before gunning him down.  

Meet the St. Louis Alderman Who’s Keeping an Eye on Ferguson’s Cops – Antonio French spent a night in jail after documenting this week’s protests. Here’s what he thinks should happen next.

This Guy Appears To Have Live-Tweeted Michael Brown’s Shooting

New witness steps forward in Michael Brown shooting, provides new video

“A helpless situation”: What happens after the bullets fall in inner-city America? Pulitzer winner Trymaine Lee explains how our segregated nation wreaks such devastation — and why we’re missing it

This has always been America – Ferguson and our dangerous delusions on race and democracy
We believe we’re the world’s champion of freedom. In reality, we torture, invade, violate rights, stop and frisk…

Ferguson Is a Microcosm of Our Racially—and Politically—Polarized Country – In the St. Louis suburb, the white ruling class has created de facto apartheid

10 ways racism killed Michael Brown and Eric Garner – The police may have ended their lives, but it was white supremacy that sealed their fates

You Can’t Understand Ferguson Without First Understanding These Three Things – Reflections from a former state senator from St. Louis

6 Good Reasons a Black Person Might Resist Arrest – For black men in America, cooperating with the police isn’t such a no-brainer

21 Things You Can’t Do While Black – In the United States, sometimes your skin color is evidence enough against you.

This Is a Cop. In America. The disturbing trend toward secrecy in American policing

A new test for conservatives on Ferguson

White St. Louis Has Some Awful Things to Say About Ferguson

White supremacy’s latest round: Re-tracing the real history of Ferguson – The Ferguson nightmare is just another reminder of a world exemplified by slavery, Jim Crow, and “stop and frisk”

The Day Ferguson Cops Were Caught in a Bloody Lie – The officers got the wrong man, but charged him anyway—with getting his blood on their uniforms. How the Ferguson PD ran the town where Michael Brown was gunned down.

How to Avoid the Next Ferguson: Ditch the Riot Gear – Four steps police can take to actually prevent violence

This Time, It’s Different: The Conservative Response to Ferguson – The politics of crime has changed since the 1990s. Can Rand Paul help his party embrace the new reality?

The Russian Media Thinks a Race War Is Brewing in America – One outlet is calling the Ferguson priests “AfroMaidan”


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