Ferguson keeps getting sadder – with a scary video from CNN and a superb takedown by John Oliver

In way its just strange – you let Guns get out of control in your country to the stage where a policeman needs to become a paramilitary in order to enter even a non-violent suspects house or make a routine traffic stop. Then you don’t address an undercurrent of nasty racism which has run through your society for many years and rescind or overrule laws saying that discrimination is not allowed. Then you seem surprised that your mostly white police force are regularly shooting unarmed black people. Or is it just that you are surprised when they protest about it – may be it was Ok until then?? No not strange – just sad……



CNN’s Jake Tapper last night at Ferguson “This doesn’t make any sense”

If you let Guns get out of control in your country its pretty obvious that the Police have to become paramilitaries for even minor arrests – what could go wrong with that…???? (Blog Post)

The New Jim Crow – How the War on Drugs gave birth to a permanent American undercaste (Long Read) (Blog Post)

The New Racism – How the loss of the Voting Rights Act is undoing 50 years good work in the Southern states of the US (Long Read) (Blog Post)

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