New Study Claims Fat Men are Better at Sex!


Their secret will surprise you By Lynn Stuart Parramore September 25, 2014

Are you ready for a whole lotta love?

A freshly minted yearlong study from Erciyes University in Turkey revealed that men with excess body fat experience increased sexual performance, defined as lasting longer during lovemaking. So what’s their secret? Higher levels of the female sex hormone estradiol, it turns out.

Researchers studied 100 male voluteers and found that those on the fatter side lasted an average of 7.3 minutes during lovemaking, while men who were more fit lasted an average of 108 seconds. Apparently, estradiol disrupts the male neurotransmitter chemicals, causing men with higher levels of it to reach orgasm more slowly. Skinny men, the study found, are more prone to premature ejaculation.

Is lasting longer really the key to sexual satisfaction? That sounds pretty doubtful. While it may be a common belief that a longer performance during intercourse is somehow desirable, many women are even more interested in what happens before penetration, as well as the intimacy and creativity of the entire sexual experience. Men’s Fitness magazine surveyed women to find out what they wanted in bed, and they named such things as variety, romance, being undressed slowly, kissing, teasing and tickling, and even arranging a threesome. But nobody seemed to count lasting longer in penetration as a priority.

Ian Kerner, sex therapist and author of She Comes First, has found in his research that “the tongue is mightier than the sword.” Using the tongue in lovemaking, he suggests, is like Tai Chi, “slow, focused and graceful, with an emphasis on the balance of yin/yang (male/female energy) to create a harmony of movement and strength.” He also finds that women want more cuddling and like to have fantasy elements in the bedroom. Longer penetration? Doesn’t even make the list.


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