Political Bias in the Uk Newspaper market 2014


The newspaper market in the UK is absolutely dominated by seven news groups

The largest by far is the Murdoch controlled News UK which controls well over a third of the newspaper market and includes the S*n, which is inexplicably still the most widely read “newspaper” in the country, despite the lies they published about the Hillsborough disaster, phone hacking at their now defunct sister paper the News of the World,  and their unyielding support for Margaret Thatcher, Both the Times and the Financial Times are part of this group and also promote the group’s owners right wing agenda.


The next largest is the Daily M*** Group which has nearly 20% of the market share (plus the most visited “news” website in the UK). The Daily M*** is owned by the tax-dodger Jonathan Harmsworth and is famed for its long history of supporting a Far Right ideology and printing mostly disgusting bilge.


The third largest newspaper group is the Mirror group, which puts its allegiance behind the New Labour party

Mirror front 6 June

The fourth largest is the Northern & Shell Group which is run by the pornographer Richard Desmond, who also owns Channel 5. The largest circulation paper Desmond owns is the Daily Express, which runs the Daily Mail close for the title of most extreme right-wing paper in the UK.

images (5)

The other three are minnows in comparison. The Telegraph (owned by the reclusive Barclay brothers) preaches the same right wing politics as Murdoch, Harmsworth and Desmond. It is notable for its core following of delusional right-wing ranters (check the comments section beneath virtually any Telegraph article for all the evidence you need). It deserves some journalistic credit for its campaign to expose abuses of MP’s expenses.

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The Guardian used to be a left-wing newspaper, but after 13 years of apologising for New Labour,  they transferred their allegiance to the Liberal Democrats in the last election. The saving grace for the Guardian is the Comment is Free section which occasionally publishes articles that are explicitly critical of the political orthodoxy. They were also the paper that published Edward Snowdon’s revelations on quite how much domestic phone tapping the US govt was actually doing.


The smallest of the seven is the Independent, which is controlled by the Russian oligarch Alexander Lebidev and his son Evgeny. It is by far the youngest of the seven having been founded in 1986. The Independent has a history of neutrality at general elections (instead of telling their readership how to vote as the other six do). The Independent has the least right wing editorial line of the big seven (for example: Owen Jones’ “Agenda for Hope” extols traditional social democratic values) but they have a tiny market share of less than 3%.

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Original Article

Newspaper support in UK general elections since 1945

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