In the world’s Richest Country what happens to its poorest and most vulnerable citizens is indefensibly awful

In a country where a welfare safety net for the poor and unemployed is apparently considered ‘evil’ it is perhaps not surprising that  much of America’s response to people sleeping rough or begging for coins on the street is pretty harsh. I never realised how harsh……


33 Cities Ban Sharing Food With the Homeless

Consultants helping cities passing bans on feeding the poor

Proposed Ban on Sleeping in Cars

Urban Camping bans in Many Cities includes huddling under a blanket to keep warm

Denver Camping Ban Enforcement (video)

The Most Dangerous State For Homeless People Is: Florida. Again.

America’s Imaginary Lavish Social Welfare Safety Net That Exists Only in Republican Party’s Mind

The Republicans’ War on the Poor

Benefits Ending for One Million Unemployed

America Has More Low-Paying Jobs Than Any Other Developed Country

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