The story behind a viral video phenomenon

I freely admit that I have never made it through this video without blubbing like a baby. It had the same effect on me yesterday when they played the Bruno Mars song whilst I was stood in ADSA  so I thought it was worth investigating:

This is the Viral Video 29,000, 000 views and counting….


A couple of days later they appeared on breakfast TV

Today Show

and this is a bit of background

Isaac and Amy’s Lip-Dub Proposal Explained

and more

Meet the Adorable Couple Behind The Viral Bruno Mars Lip-Dub Proposal Video

Then Isaac made this Video about families


Even the choreographer (Gina Johnson Morris – in the Red Dress) got famous:

‘The Woman in Red’ Choreographs Famous Lip-Dub Proposal

They didn’t get married straight away because Amy went to College to become a nurse. This is her graduation “speech”


The marriage took place in Oregon a few weeks ago

Wedding Website

This was their first dance:


 “I believe a wedding is supported by a community, I wanted everyone there,” Issac Lamb

Asked if he wanted to apologise to other single men out there for upping the proposal ante, Mr Lamb laughed and replied: “Guys, I’m sorry. That wasn’t my intention.”


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