A Video Game Controller That Goes where?


How the SKEA Can Make You Better at Sex – Learn the secrets of the Smart Kegel Exercise Aid By Carrie Weisman AlterNet January 2, 2015

Hey ladies, ever tried to stop peeing, midstream? I”m not asking solely for the purpose of being crude; I ask because by doing so, you’re actually employing your very important pelvic floor muscles. Maybe the term sounds a little foreign to some women, but most have likely heard about Kegel exercises. While these little bathroom tricks can help you perform them, there’s an alternative out there, and it sounds a whole lot more fun. Namely because video games are involved.

Kegel exercises help strengthen pelvic floor muscles in women. While these muscles serve a variety of functions there are two big ones to address. The first being that they can help with urinary incontinence, something many women struggle with after giving birth. The second, and perhaps more exciting bit, revolves around making you better at sex.


With the help of a successful Kickstarter campaign, Tom Chen created a way for women to strengthen these muscles, and one that doesn’t interrupt your bathroom time. The method? Video games. The tool? A specially crafted controller… one that isn’t operated by using your hands.

Chen’s brainchild is called the SKEA, or Smart Kegel Exercise Aid. It’s meant to be used in conjunction with the mobile phone game “Alice In Continent,” also designed by Chen. Women insert the SKEA into their vaginas and help their characters run, jump and duck by using their pelvic floor muscles.

Chen wrote on the Kickstarter page, “Strong pelvic floor muscles can enhance arousal and improve sensation, orgasm quality, and general sexual experience.” Chen originally set his Kickstarter goal at $38,000. At the time of posting, the campaign has brought in over $52,000 from almost 500 backers.

As explained on the site, the SKEA “tickles” the user every time it is squeezed by delivering a soothing pulse whenever the pelvic floor muscles are contracted correctly According to Chen’s people, the device is “clinically proven” to improve training results.

Both the game and the device were put out by Linkcube Studios, which specializes in wearable electronics. Based in Beijing, China, the company has already begun work on a modified version, one that may help deliver a little more bang for your buck.

After receiving multiple requests and suggestions, Chen and his team have decided to upgrade the motor power, which will help increase the device’s erotic function.

The site describes the SKEA as “The Smart Erotic Toy That Understands You,” which is a pretty solid line considering the product being sold. Now if only all our possessions could be so clever.


Original Article

This is the Pitch video from the successful Kickstarter

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