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Local Hero Jessica Ennis-Hill asks for name to be taken off football stand over return of convicted rapist – vicious attacks follow on twitter – perpetrators will be banned for life say club


Am I the only one who sees a huge irony in this story – Sheff Utd will ban for life people who abuse Jessica Ennis on Twitter but allow a convicted Rapist to come back and play for them???

Blades ‘appalled’ by Twitter abuse

Sheffield United have said they are “appalled” by the abuse being aimed at people who have criticised the club’s decision to allow convicted rapist Ched Evans back to training.

It follows the Twitter abuse aimed at Olympic heptathlon champion and local hero Jessica Ennis-Hill, who said that to allow Evans back into the Blades squad would “completely contradict” her beliefs of being a role model to young people.

She was taunted with several sick tweets including one saying: “I hope he (Evans) rapes her.”

This came after she asked for her name to removed from a stand at Sheffield United’s Bramall Lane ground if the club takes back Evans, who was sentenced to five years for rape.

The club have pledged to work with South Yorkshire Police who are investigating the abuse. People who send this kind of abuse on social media or when chanting at grounds should not feel safe to make these personal attacks, the club said.

In a statement, the club said: “Sheffield United Football Club is appalled at the recent condemnation and abuse that has been levelled at both some of its more high-profile supporters and those who have no connections to the club but who have voiced their opinion on the matter.

“Regarding the personal tirade against individuals, the club will work with both South Yorkshire Police and any other supportive body to help identify the instigators. This will include abuse through social media messaging and chanting at grounds.

“Anyone who is found to be involved in such practice will be banned for life from Bramall Lane.

“Sheffield United will not accept the abuse that is being received by those who have voiced their opinion. They have felt it necessary and have been courageous enough to have made their statement and this should be respected.”


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10 reasons Sheffield is the best city in the UK

Mary Olivia Hickey for Friday 11 Jul 2014 12:48 pm

10 reasons Sheffield is the best city in the UK

Beautiful: A view of Stannington from Crookes, Sheffield 


Like many of its northern counterparts, Sheffield is full of happy, outgoing and friendly people.

Southerners, I’m afraid the north trumps you in the most welcoming competition. But, if you want to know why Sheffield is the best of the best, here’s the truth:

1. The friendly people

As mentioned above, the north is home to millions of friendly people. But in Sheffield they’re on a whole new level. Sheffielders love giving directions, recommending a good night out and joining you on that night out. Don’t be surprised when a complete stranger sparks up a conversation with you, the opening line is likely to be either ‘orate, love?’ or ‘ey up, duck’.

2. The house prices

Buying in London? Well look away now. The average asking price for a house in Sheffield is £180,489 and for that you’ll get a house and an actual garden, not a box room with a toilet next to the bed.

3. The green space

Sheffield is full of it. There are endless parks and the Peak District and Chatsworth House are just a short drive away, so you can pretend you’re in a Jane Austen novel for a few hours. Oh, and the air up’t in Sheffield is amazing too.

Brown Hills Lane on the outskirts of Sheffield 


4. Henderson’s Relish

Like Lea & Perrins, but better. If you head to University roundabout you’ll smell it before you see it. A delicious spicy Yorkshire sauce, still made and sold today in its native Sheffield. You’ll be pressed to find a Sheffielder today without a bottle in their kitchen.

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The story behind a viral video phenomenon

I freely admit that I have never made it through this video without blubbing like a baby. It had the same effect on me yesterday when they played the Bruno Mars song whilst I was stood in ADSA  so I thought it was worth investigating:

This is the Viral Video 29,000, 000 views and counting….


A couple of days later they appeared on breakfast TV

Today Show

and this is a bit of background

Isaac and Amy’s Lip-Dub Proposal Explained

and more

Meet the Adorable Couple Behind The Viral Bruno Mars Lip-Dub Proposal Video

Then Isaac made this Video about families


Even the choreographer (Gina Johnson Morris – in the Red Dress) got famous:

‘The Woman in Red’ Choreographs Famous Lip-Dub Proposal

They didn’t get married straight away because Amy went to College to become a nurse. This is her graduation “speech”


The marriage took place in Oregon a few weeks ago

Wedding Website

This was their first dance:


 “I believe a wedding is supported by a community, I wanted everyone there,” Issac Lamb

Asked if he wanted to apologise to other single men out there for upping the proposal ante, Mr Lamb laughed and replied: “Guys, I’m sorry. That wasn’t my intention.”