About my Blog

The mainstream media has its own political and social agenda, which I find distasteful so this is my attempt to put together the sort of media I would like to read. In my mind I suppose its bit like reading the good bits out of the Sunday papers to your friends  and drawing their attention to the interesting stuff. Some of it is political some of it is funny – some of it is very beautiful. Very little of it is written by me.

My Politics and Religious beliefs may be offensive to some. Politically I am on the left and normally of a Greenish persuasion. I am also an Atheist with a skeptical view of the supposed benefits of religion.

You will see strong support for many causes.

I dislike most ‘conservative’ political philosophies and the inequality and misery that result.

There are so many groups within our society who don’t get a fair shake and you will see support for women’s issues, gay issues, issues of Race and colour, immigrants and asylum seekers.

I don’t have a permanent allegiance to a political party so this may change but at the moment I am broadly a supporter of the UK Green Party. You will see plenty  of debate on green issues here.

There will also be Sex – not pornography but mature, open and frank discussion of a subject that is often hidden or neglected.

The most common themes on the blog at the moment seem to be Racism (A particular pet hate) and the ridiculous situation with Guns in America (Guys just because you all grew up watching cowboy movies doesn’t mean its a sensible way to organise your society!), but this will change over time (may not on the guns thing!)

I live in the UK so some of the political stuff may not mean much elsewhere. I hopefully poke just as much fun at the weirdness of US and Australian Political life as at the mother of Parliaments.

I love really good journalism so you will see reposts of old articles and deeper longer stuff you often wont see in the mainstream media. I don’t travel as much as I would like so there are articles about places I have been to and places I would like to go.  I’m a bibliophile so there is plenty about books and authors.

Particular things you will see are

– The daily one liners – this started on Facebook a few years ago and I now do it only here – they are mostly collected from Twitter (see the bar on the left).

– @FoodPorn is twitter account and most of the pictures of gorgeous food are shamelessly lifted from there. There are also plenty of more serious articles about issues with food.

– The Daily Beautiful Pictures again started on Facebook mostly as a collection of Earthpics but it has now expanded – most of the newer one were posted to Google Plus. They are always landscapes mostly without buildings or people. I don’t mind the stunning effects that can be achieved with HDR manipulation but it is often overdone. and I don’t use it myself. There are too many pictures taken with a tripod of water so that it looks like a solid, floating around on the internet at the moment so I try and avoid them!

There a strict spam filter on the comments since 398 of the first 400 comments were from the same spammer. Most of them are approved manually so if it take a while to appear my apologies. I’m a wet ‘liberal’ so I don’t automatically weed out contradictory comments but profanity, bullying and abuse don’t get through.  I’m happy to take part in adult debate on the issues and welcome constructive feedback

I believe my use of material from elsewhere on the internet counts as ‘fair use’ but if you hold the copyright to something I have used and feel my use is inappropriate please let me know.

You can contact me via bigmart73wpblog(at)gmail.com

I now imported all my stuff from my old site at bigmart73.blog.com and over time will try and get the tags and categories up to date.

(I do ‘go on’ a bit as well!)

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